When do applications start?

The applications for the NLA will open from the 1st of October with the first batch expected to start by the 1st of January.


Which kind of startups does NLA love?

We have interest in early stage LogTech and IoT startups whose product has to do with innovative solutions in Warehousing, IoT, Transport and Adjacent Services that are centered around the logistics industry. They also need to have a technological background and be ready to scale.


Do I need to move my whole team to Hamburg?

At least the core of your team must be in Hamburg for most of the time. One of the main benefits of the program is our community and our network. Many come spontaneously to pay us a visit and you don’t want to miss that.


Can I apply as a single person?

You can apply, but it is unlikely that we will accept you. We believe creating a successful startup is about teamwork. But we also believe in some serendipity from time to time.


I have already run my company for quite some time, can I still apply?

Yes, you can.


What’s the best stage to apply?

You need to have more than only an idea. A prototype and some customers would be great. You can also apply at a later stage if our program brings you a strategic advantage but we never invest more than 50k.


Who are the investors?

Our investors are leading German port, freight, technology and logistics companies who are creating digital change in the industry.


Why are you located in Hamburg?

We fairly believe in the importance of an ecosystem to startups. As a startup you need easy access to the industry – you can only get this in Hamburg. Hamburg is the logistics capital of Germany and is home to the largest port in the country.


Can I participate in your program after participating in another accelerator or incubator program?

Not with the same company or team. There is some new kind of accelerator hopping going on in Europe. We are pretty close to all major programs to avoid that. Still we believe in second chances. So please be honest about it.


Are you providing a place to stay in Hamburg?

We know it is not easy to find a flat or a room in Hamburg, especially short-notice. We are partnering with hostel groups in Hamburg to be able to get you affordable accommodation at least until you settle down and are prepared to look for something else.


Can I spend the investment on anything?

We don’t tell you what to do with the money but we want to know it. If you want to buy confetti and champagne for your release party, we are probably not made for each other (but we promise to bring the confetti on our own anyway). You should invest the money in the things that help your product to get traction fast.


Do you decide who will invest next?

No. But we will help you find an investor.

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