The NLA is a multi-corporate accelerator with a focus on the logistics industry.

We are located in one of the most livable cities - Hamburg (world’s leading logistics hot-spot).

With its highly experienced team, it's worldwide successfully operating and innovative investors from the logistics or logistics-related industry, it's supportive partners, and it's extensively experienced 100+ mentors, the NLA offers access to a cutting-edge ecosystem which provides startups best prerequisites for future growth.



Our powerful and committed investors from the logistics and logistics-related industries are essential for us, our ecosystem and particularly for the startups.  Participating in our program enables the startups to showcase their product to a prestigious group of international corporates with more than €20bn annual revenues, 80,000 employees and presence in more than 50 countries across the globe.



We are proud to be backed by our prominent partners which are playing a vital and integral role in our ecosystem. Participating in the NLA offers a variety of advantages - for both the partners and startups. Our partners profit from getting access to our dynamic startup environment and further stakeholders, startups benefit from our partners’ domain expertise.

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25ways (Hamburg)

Henrik Zölzer and Vincent Oswald - both experienced founders of multiple companies - are developing a “rethink mobility” corporate mobility platform - together with mobility reseracher Steffi Schubert. The platform will allow employees to optimize their personal mobility, and their work commute in particular. The cloud-based technology analyzes factors such as weather, traffic conditions and the parking situation and processes these into individual recommendations based on corporate and public transport options.

nxtBase Technologies (Potsdam)

Jörg Jonas-Kops developed the assisted reality solution platform nxtBase, with which production, logistics and service can be visually guided and completely voice-controlled. By using smart watches, data glasses and gloves, information and instructions are fed directly into the production, logistics and service processes via augmented reality (AR) and, if required, directly connected to SAP.


Tracks (Berlin)

Jakob Muus developed a multi-fleet, on-the-fly platooning service for the trucking sector, allowing trucks to drive closely at a high speed while remaining safe due to virtual tow-bars - thus reducing their wind resistance, fuel consumption and CO₂ emissions.


Tracks’ platooning services facilitates real-time matchmaking between trucks, accurately quantifies their fuel savings, and evenly shares the benefits among them – meanwhile making trucking safer, cleaner, more efficient, and fair.


LuckaBox (Winterthur, CHE)

Aike Festini and Maite Mihm offer a cloud-based last mile delivery platform, connecting retailers with best-in-class on-demand delivery providers. Their solution enables retailers to offer customers what they increasingly request: on-demand deliveries.


One can think of the LuckaBox technology as an operating system in the logistics machinery of a retailer, orchestrating numerous on-demand delivery channels in real-time. The smart algorithm customarily selects the optimal courier for any given delivery request, thus ensuring all goods to be delivered safely and on time.


Flowfox (Berlin)

Moritz Dassing (ex. FreightHub and Coureon) and Patrick Pehmöller (Serial Entrepreneur) offer an automated container release solution for forwarders and carriers. Flowfox integrates with existing systems and saves huge amounts of time an money.


PTScientists (Berlin)

Robert Böhme leads the German-based new-space company whose aim is to bring down the cost of space exploration and to democratize access to the moon. PTScientists is committed to break down the space research barriers by developing reliable and affordable systems to deliver experiments and payloads to their desired space locations.


PTScientists developed a spacecraft capable of delivering two rovers, or up to 100 kg of payload, to the lunar surface. Additionally, PTScientists offer companies and academic institutions the opportunity to transport payload and experiments to the moon at affordable prices.

SensorTransport (Sacramento, CA)

Robert Haney, Sascha Peyer, Oscar Yu and Annika Sorensen offer a real-time cargo transport monitoring system as an SaaS solution. As a cloud-based system accessed via a fully integrated app, SensorTransport allows shippers to monitor both individual transports and larger cargo flows seamlessly. Internet of Things (IoT) sensors report the exact position, cargo status and external transport conditions (such as cold chain) directly to the shipper and the logistics company.

Smartlane (Munich)

Mathias Baur, Florian Schimandl and Monja Mühling have developed an SaaS-based solution for dispatching and last-mile route planning. The software enables self-learning process optimization in real time, offering end-to-end visibility for dispatchers, drivers and recipients. In September 2017, Smartlane became an exclusive partner for data-driven route optimization for the members of the DER KURIER partner network.

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Closelink (Hamburg)

Philippe Lavarde, Tobias Schumacher and Eike Lawatsch build an online procurement platform for marine lubricants.


Closelink allows purchasers in ship management companies to globally source lubricants, as one of the major supplies for a commercial vessel, and to compare offers among several suppliers based on product price, availability, payment and delivery terms. Closelink provides clear transparency and comparability as well as an extended supplier network.

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SuperTech (Madrid, ESP)

Juan Rivero and Alberto Benbunan offer a SaaS one-stop-shop solution that empowers retailers to lead the transformation in today’s retail landscape with customers growing demand for instant deliveries.


The SuperTech plug and play technology automates order dispatching, picking and delivery operations. By harnessing the power of behavioural data and using it both to improve the user shopping experience and the operations efficiency, SuperTech is improving retailers operation costs and making their same-day deliveries profitable.

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eYard (Madrid)

Pablo Fernández-Peña and Paco Ferre developed an AI-driven SaaS platform that brings visibility to all port operations, reduces unproductive movements and processes, and thus the costs associated with them.


The platform offers a complete set of AI-driven optimization modules to help speeding-up decisions, improving productivity, and enabling port terminals to operate at its peak of productivity and efficiency.

Copy of Nautix_Logo_Full-color_on-lightg

Nautix (Copenhagen)

Tarang Valecha, Vishwas Tomar and Shantanu Mishra have the vision to change human behaviour through their next generation software for smarter, safer and more reliable ship operations. Their core solution empowers the sea staff to achieve operational excellence through planning, prediction, execution and improving concepts.


Software problems often lead to inconsistent operations on ships  - incidents and delays affect the overall business performance. The solution has been designed with a modern approach to influence user behaviour towards safety and compliance.

Optimiz (London)

Kingsly Kongnyuh and Bop Sandrino-Arndt developed a cloud-based AI-controlled platform for digital freight claims management. Optimiz operates in the crossroads of LogTech and InsurTech and aims to redesign claims handling in the transport insurance environment.


With their intelligent solution CroP (CargoRecovery Platform) they can reduce collection costs by up to two-thirds for shipping companies, freight forwarders, port companies, airlines and cargo insurers, while reducing the average claim cycle from three months to just a few clicks.



The NLA offers the largest logistics-focused startup acceleration program across Europe.

It supports promising startups from around the world with two six-month programs every year.

  • Six-month program plus (optional) partner programs in Asia and Israel 
  • Customized mentoring and coaching
  • Office space in Europe's epicenter of logistics - Hamburg 
  • Office space in Asia's logistics hotbed - Singapore (coming soon)
  • Fast track to leading logistics  companies to test your products
  • Access to international investors and outstanding professionals from various industry sectors and occupational fields.


Miriam Kröger
  • LinkedIn - Black Circle
  • +20 years of experience in logistics, e-commerce, digital transformation, digitalization, venture capital

  • Various senior executive management positions
    at leading international corporates, e.g. Kuehne + Nagel, NOL Group, Otto Group 

  • Profound entrepreneurial and startup experience

  • Forwarding Professional

  • Dipl.-Kauffrau / MBA

Claas H. Nieraad
  • LinkedIn - Black Circle
  • +20 years of experience in venture capital

  • Founder of New Commercial Room Venture Capital

  • Initiator of Hamburger Innovations- und Wachstumsfonds in 2015

  • Partner und Scout High Tech Gründerfond, Founder of Partner Baltic Business Angels, Member of BtoV Partners, BAND e.V. and Institute

  • Profound experience in Industrial Technology

  • Int. Dipl. Kfm. / BBA (Hons)

Ricardo Beck
  • LinkedIn - Black Circle
  • +4 years of professional experience in venture capital, venture building and strategy consulting

  • Previously at Nauta Capital, Cavalry Ventures, Rocket Internet and Capgemini Consulting

  • Active mentor in the German, Spanish and UK startup ecosystems

  • BSc. (Hons) in Finance from ESB Business School, specializing in alternative investments at the London School of Economics 


"Daring ideas are like chessmen moved forward; they may be beaten, but they may start a winning game."

– Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


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